4 Tips to Find an Amazing Vegan Body Lotion

4 Tips to Find an Amazing Vegan Body Lotion

4 Tips to Find an Amazing Vegan Body Lotion

There's nothing better than saving the planet by getting super soft skin. Handmade vegan body lotions are the best way to stay moisturized and stay cruelty-free. However, there are a lot of vegan products out there that claim to be a great moisturizer. How do you know which body lotion is right for you? Check out these 4 tips to finding an amazing lotion.  

1. Find a Friend Who is Plant-Based

It's no secret that plant-based living is becoming more popular. There's no doubt that you know someone who is plant-based and uses vegan cosmetic products. Ask them where they find their vegan body lotions and what kind they like. Be sure to ask if it's a great moisturizer and if the scent lasts. 

2. Social Media Is Where It's At 

When someone finds a luscious vegan body lotion, the first thing they do is feel awesome, the next thing they do is head to social media. Take a look at vegan cosmetic lines on your favorite social media platforms. Look at reviews, pictures, and even ask questions.

3. Double Check the Ingredients

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be vegan. It's important that you always check the ingredients on the back of the vegan body lotion you choose. Look for ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils. Never purchase products that contain parabens, sulfates, or phosphates.

4. Support Small Business

You can get the best vegan body lotion from small businesses who are passionate about plant-based products. You often find unique and stunning scents, and the companies are easy to reach with any questions you have about their products.  

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