Summer Sirens Candle Collection
The Citrus & Cane Summer Sirens Collection has officially dropped, and these 5 incredible scents are better than ever. Read the blog to learn more about our unique mermaid candles featuring hand-painted mermaid scales!
Belles of Mobile Candles
Elevate your home with the Belles of Mobile Candle Collection by Citrus & Cane. Handcrafted vessels painted by local artist Lauren Kowal. Featuring 6 spring scents inspired by Azalea Trail Maids.
The Perfect Birthday Gift when You Don't Know What to Buy
Give the gift of a Celebration Birthday Sprinkle Candle! Hand-made in the USA with real sprinkles and vanilla cake scent, it's the perfect gift for anyone. Watch how excited they get once they open and smell this birthday candle!
Why We Hand-Make Our Cement Vessels

Discover why Citrus & Cane handmakes their candle vessels and how it helped them overcome a supply chain obstacle. Hand-making their vessels also allows them to be eco-friendly, customizable, and supportive of other small businesses.

What is Cold and Hot Throw in Candles?
Cold and hot throw are crucial factors in determining the scent experience you get from a candle. In this blog post, we'll discuss what they mean and how to maximize the scent throw of your candles.
Meet the Boys from Digs + Twigs
From “broke college kids” to “mid-century wannabe” and so many other bad choices in between, we started falling in love with neutrals and simplicity.
Why is it important to Buy Non-Toxic Candles?
Today's blog dives into the importance of buying non-toxic candles and to research the companies you shop with for your candles.
Top 9 Ways on How to Creatively Repurpose Your Candle Jar
Did you finally burn out your favorite candle? There's no need to throw the jar away once you're finished burning all of the wax. Repurpose your candle vessel into something useful with these top 9 ideas!
Where Does a Candle Go When It Burns?
Have you ever wondered what happens to a candle as it burns down? Where does all of that amazing scented wax go? Check out today's blog to learn the science behind candle burning!
Gift-Giving with Candles: Why it Works!
Undoubtedly, the hardest part about gift giving is finding the right gift to give! We did a recent poll on one of our ads that showed a landslide win to people simply not knowing what to buy. Check out today's blog to learn why our candles make the perfect gift!
Did You Know Candles Have Memory?
Did You Know Candles Have Memory? You never get a second chance at first impressions, and this couldn’t be truer for your candles. Did you know candles have memory? That’s right, your candle remembers your very first light together, and...
How Investing in Soy Candles Saves in the Long Run
Extend the life of your candle by following these candle care tips! Our soy wax candles are guaranteed to burn longer and better than traditional big-box retailer candles. Fall in love with our 100% Soy Wax Candles today!
Are Scrunchies Better for Your Hair Than Elastic Bands?

Find out why we prefer scrunchies over traditional hair ties! Ditch the elastic bands in favor of these cute styles to prevent breakage and hair loss! Trust us, your hair will thank you! Plus you'll look adorable instantly.

Are Soy Candles Safer Than Paraffin Candles?
Did you know there were different levels of candle quality? Before starting Citrus & Cane, the only thing we knew about candles was that we loved them. Check out this blog to learn why we use soy wax in our hand-poured candles!
Enjoy Little Home Spa Moments with Organic Foaming Hand Soaps
Experience the luxury of C&C Foaming Hand Soaps - rich, decadent, and perfect. These beauties smell as good as they look. When your hands need a pick me up, reach for our soaps.
Do You Really Have to Trim Your Candle Wicks?
Learn all of the reasons why it's important to trim your candle wicks every. single. time on our latest blog post! From extending your candle's life to burning more evenly, the benefits of trimming your candle's wick are endless!
4 Tips to Find an Amazing Vegan Body Lotion
Finding vegan body products you can trust is difficult! What brands can you trust and how do you know if they're legit or not? Check out our latest blog to help vet vegan-based businesses and find your perfect fit.
What is Scent Throwing in Candles? Why is it important?
Learn the complexities and science that goes into candle making in our latest blog! With successful scent throw being the most harshly judged aspect of a candle, it has to be just right.
Plantable Candle Dust Covers
We're so excited about our new sustainable candle making! Find out how and where our new recycled seeded candle dust covers are made and how you can plant them into a bloom of wildflowers.
We're Ditching The Lids
It's official and We're Ditching The Lids to continue on our path to a more sustainable and long-lasting brand. We are creating the perfect vessel for sustainability and we can't wait for you to take the journey with us.
Lemon Raspberry Sorbet Mimosa
Are you looking for the perfect mimosa for your intimate gathering? Check out today's delicious mix perfect for summertime!