How Investing in Soy Candles Saves in the Long Run

How Investing in Soy Candles Saves in the Long Run

How Investing in Soy Candles Saves in the Long Run: Get More Out of Your Soy Candles 

Paraffin candles are cancelled. They give off toxic fumes and fill your house with fake fragrance. It’s time to make the switch to soy wax!  Did you know soy candles can save you money in the long run? There’s more to it than just trimming your wick. Read these handy soy candle burning instructions, so you can get the maximum benefits of soy candles. 

Make Your Soy Candles Last Longer 

Soy candles burn almost 50% longer than paraffin candles, but you can extend their life even more by allowing the candle to melt all the way to the edge of the jar. When you put out your soy candle before the wax melts to the edge, you’re creating a hole for the wax to sit in. The next time you use your candle, you lose burn time. It may take almost an hour for your wax to reach the edge of the container, but you save your candle and money too! 

Candles have memory

Soy Candles Are Better For Clean Up 

Everyone can remember a time when they have tipped over a candle, and spilled wax everywhere. While it’s not ideal to spill soy wax, it is much easier to clean than paraffin wax. With soy wax, you can use plain soap and water to clean it up, and you won’t have to dish money out on expensive cleaning products. This also makes it easier to reuse their containers! Simply pour hot water into the jar to melt leftover wax, gently scrub with a soapy cloth, and rinse! 

Find More Candle Burning Instructions for Soy Candles at Citrus & Cane! 

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