Do You Really Have to Trim Your Candle Wicks?

Do You Really Have to Trim Your Candle Wicks?

Do You Really Have to Trim Your Candle Wicks?

Have you ever noticed your favorite handmade candle losing its special touch? What about a candle that once filled your entire house with scent on the first burn, but then there was no special aroma the second time you burned it? Well, this problem can actually be fixed, and It isn’t rocket science either, the answer is within the candlewick.

To trim your candlewick or to not trim your candlewick?
That is the question…

No, but in all seriousness should people be trimming their candlewicks? Is it worth it? Are there any benefits to candlewick trimming? Short answer: YES, to all of the above, but why?

It’s simple really, trimming your candlewick ensures many things such as soothing the wick and increasing burn time for your candles. Well now, what does that exactly mean?

Managing the wicks will keep the candle burning with no dark ash and it will give your candle a more extended burn time. Fairly simple, but if you aren’t trimming your candle wicks there may be some issues that arise with your candles, such as mushrooming and burning way too hot.

At the point when a wick gets too long, it can't draw wax as far as possible up to the highest point of the wick. Therefore, the actual wick will begin to consume itself. When wicks aren’t trimmed appropriately, candlewicks lose their purpose. Which to summarize this candlewick science, it means the candle is not burning effectively, and you are probably not getting desired results. It is important to note that you should keep the candle wick at ¼ inch at all times.

The easiest way to do this is with a wick trimmer, pair of scissors (I am feeling obligated to add a caution here, so yes please proceed to trim your candle wick with caution), or it may be easier to use a nail clipper as it can help trim the candle even when the wick is too far for a pair of scissors to reach.

We use wick trimmers as it is much easier to use it on the candlewick and only takes about two seconds to trim. Trimming your candle wicks is one of the most important steps in burning and lighting candles, it should be categorized as important as lighting the candle.

Now who would we be if we didn’t practice what we were preaching? We burn our own candles on the regular to ensure quality control, and give ourselves true and honest feedback on the products that we create and sell. Our Citrus & Cane candles may be handmade with love, but what good is that if they end up being terrible?

We formulate our candles to give the maximum cold and hot throws possible. We put in all of the hard work, research, and love to give you some excellent candles, but it's up to you to take care of your candle to get the most out of it!

Always ensure that your candle wick is trimmed to one fourth of an inch before burning. When you light your candle with too long of a wick, you risk burning out the scent with too hot of a flame. You'll also experience mushrooming of the wick which can lead to it throwing ash and becoming a potential fire hazard. 

You also want to ensure you're burning your candle for 4 hours at a time to prevent tunneling and an uneven burn. Allow the melt pool of your wax from the wick to reach the edge of the candle. Candles have memory. Don't let yours get lost by only being lit for less than an hour.

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