What is Scent Throwing in Candles? Why is it important?

What is Scent Throwing in Candles? Why is it important?

What is Scent Throwing? And is it Important?

What is scent throwing? If the phrase conjures an image of a candle throwing a lasso, you’re close! Scent throw is a term used to describe the smells emitted from a candle. Labels that describe the scent of each candle are really describing the candle’s scent throw. Sounds easy, right? The tricky part is remembering candles can have differing scent throws depending on whether the candle is lit or unlit, respectively called a hot throw or cold throw. And the ingredients in the candle can affect its scent throw. This is where things can get wonderfully complex.

For instance, a candle’s cold throw can radically differ from its hot throw. A candle with a subtle cold throw can produce a hot throw that saturates the entire room. Like that lasso throwing visual, remember? Likewise, a strong cold throw candle can produce a subtler hot throw. The melt pool, or puddle of melted candle wax, should reach the edges of the candle to reach the maximum hot throw potential. The melt pool should extend a quarter to half an inch deep.

Scent throw success is surely due to the ingredients involved in the candle making process. These ingredients include wax, wicks, and oils. Quality and quantity of ingredients produce smooth scents, whether strong or subtle. There’s a plethora of oils used in candle making, such as lavender, citrus, and mint. Wax and oils are blended to create candles of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Though wicks are hardly a noticeable feature of each candle, the small threaded ropes play a critical role in the size and depth of melt pools, which help maximize the overall scent throw of a candle. In truth, the yummy smell-good oils, sturdy dependable wax base, and the negligible wick incased all work in harmony to create the spicy, clean, or warm scents we love so much about candles.

Some candles are made with additives to enhance look or smell. Generally speaking, the less artificial additives the better. Vegan-based candles are made with more organic, animal-free ingredients. Organic oils tend to smell subtler than oils that may have additives to pump up the scent. While some candle enthusiasts may prefer a subtler scent, others may reach for the organic candle that blends more essential oils to enhance the scent throw.

We won’t dive into the many types of wick (there are aplenty!) that can sit at the heart of a candle, but suffice to say, it is a topic with depth. What’s most important to remember is that wicks have a part in scent throw. A good tip to use if your wick won’t allow your melt pool to grow is to tilt the candle to spread the melt pool around.

Wax types can vary but soy wax, which takes longer to cure, allows time for essential oils to blend to produce high quality candles. Candles made with soy offer organic, vegan candles that are well-blended and cured with care. Whether looking for a bold scent throw that sparks creativity or a soft scent throw for thoughtful introspection, the right candle scent is out there for us all. Shop our collection of hand poured candles today at Citrus & Cane! Whether you like fruity scents, masculine scents, or even light and pretty scent, we have the perfect candle for you.

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