Top 9 Ways on How to Creatively Repurpose Your Candle Jar

Top 9 Ways on How to Creatively Repurpose Your Candle Jar

Top 9 Ways on How to Creatively Repurpose Your Candle Jar

Finding something to do with your burned out candles can be tricky. You can’t just throw them away, but your collection of candle jars is getting a little out of control. Don’t worry, removing wax from candle jars is a lot easier than you think. Stop throwing your old flames in the trash, and read these top ways to creatively repurpose your candle jar!

Use This Fast Method for Removing Wax From a Candle Jar:

If you’re using a high-quality soy candle, removing wax is easy. Soy wax has a very low melting point. That means all you need to do is safely pour hot water into your candle jar and wait. The wax rises to the top as the hot water melts it. Wait for the water to cool completely and simply pull the wax out of the candle. Use a little warm water and dish soap to remove any wax that’s left over. If there is a lot of leftover wax, set it aside and use it for later.

1. A Dainty Candy Dish

Having friends or family over? Cure their sweet tooth with some sweetly wrapped candies in your repurposed candle vessel. This cute candy dish is sure to be visited many times by your guests!

2. Find a Great Home for Succulents

Don’t go and buy expensive succulent pots, because you have a perfect sized home in a used candle jar. Clear jars usually display the brown soil that most succulents are planted in, so many plant parents choose a darker colored glass.

3. Finally, a Place for Paperclips

How many times have you found yourself looking for something small like a paperclip? Candle jars, especially votive candle jars make the perfect place to put office and sewing supplies. Never look for things like thumbtacks again!

4. Use It as a Piggy Bank for Adults

These days, we usually don’t have a ton of coins on hand. When you end up with a handful of change, put it in one of your old candle jars. Be sure to keep the lids to your candles, so your change is always secure.

5. Organize Your Vanity and Bathroom Sink

Candles jars are an excellent size for your cosmetics! Fill them with lip and eye liners, brushes, lip glosses, cotton swabs, and everything else in between. Don’t worry about accidental spills or dirty containers, because candle jars are super easy to keep clean.

6. Store Art Supplies

Candle jars make an amazing home for colored pencils, because it’s an excellent way to keep them sharp. However, you can also store paint brushes, markers, and even palette knives in them too.

7. They Make a Cool Spot for Matches

Find some colorful or scented matches, and display them in a pretty candle jar. Take it a step further and add a match strike strip conveniently on the bottom. Don’t forget, keep this container away from children!

8. Grow Spring Bulbs in Your Candle Jar

If you’re feeling adventurous with your candle containers, try growing flower bulbs in them. Just make sure you follow the general planting standards for planting bulbs, because many flower bulbs need to be frozen for a certain amount of time.

9. Make Another Candle

Buy a wick from your local craft store, and use the leftover wax from other candle jars to make another candle. Have fun creating new scents, but be sure you’re not mixing different kinds of wax. Soy wax is considered one of the safest waxes for candles.

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