Did You Know Candles Have Memory?

Did You Know Candles Have Memory?

Did You Know Candles Have Memory?

You never get a second chance at first impressions, and this couldn’t be truer for your candles. Did you know candles have memory? That’s right, your candle remembers your very first light together, and has been burning for you ever since. Let’s talk about how a candle’s memory has an effect on how long your relationship together lasts.

Wait, Candles Have Memory? 

Yes! In fact, a candle’s first light is called its memory burn. This first impression on your candle sets the boundaries of how it is going to burn until the wick is gone. Getting a great memory burn is essential to stop your candle from creating a tunnel and wasting wax. It’s also the only way to maximize scent throw.

So, Is Trimming My Wick Important for My Candle’s Memory? 

Trimming your candle wick is very important when it comes to your candle’s memory, because it controls your candles temperature and flame. If you don’t cut the wick or leave it too long, you'll have a ferocious flame that draws wax to the top of your candle and causes unsightly black marks on your jar. Cut the wick too short and you risk drowning your wick in wax and never being able to burn your candle again. It’s best to keep your wick trimmed to about a quarter of an inch to achieve the best burn for a candle. Be sure to remove any debris from trimming your wick before lighting your candle.

What Kind of Wick Is Best for a Candle? 

Wicks can be made many ways out of different types of material. However, the best burning wicks for candle memory are braided or knitted, not twisted. It’s best to choose wicks made out of natural material like hemp, because they burn cleaner and help your candle last longer by burning at a temperature that allows for a more even melt pool.

Okay, What Is a Melt Pool and Why Does it Affect Candle Memory? 

The amount of time you should let your candle burn varies from candle to candle. However, the general rule is to let your candle burn for an hour for every inch of its diameter. For instance, if your candle is 5 inches in diameter, it needs to burn for at least 5 hours. No matter the diameter of your candle, you need to let it burn long enough for melted wax to reach the edge of a jar. This is called giving your candle a full melt pool, and it will stop candles from tunneling. A full melt pool also allows your candle to have the strongest scent throw, which is how effectively your candle’s scent fills a room.

What Else Affects Candle Memory? 

The type of wax your candle is made out of makes a huge difference in how your candle burns, and how long you have to wait for it to reach a full melt pool. Paraffin wax’s melting point varies wildly, and it’s hard to determine how well they burn until you light them. However, the 100% soy wax used in our candles has a consistent melting point, and you can easily estimate the time you need to reach a full melt pool. Plus, soy candles burn cleaner and are easier to clean up if they get tipped over. 

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