Gift-Giving with Candles: Why it Works!

Gift-Giving with Candles: Why it Works!

Make Candles the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Whether it’s for a housewarming or a birthday, finding the perfect gift can be difficult. It’s important the person receiving your gift knows you put in the effort to find something special just for them. You certainly don’t want your gift to gather dust in a closet, end up in the trash, or worse, regifted. Fortunately, an amazing gift is easy to find and it won’t cost you a lot of time and money. Check out these reasons why candles make the perfect gift, and how you can choose one for every occasion!

Find the Right Scent to Suit Their Personality

One reason candles make the perfect gift is because there is something for everyone. Find sophisticated floral candles for mom, bubbly scents for your bestie, or even masculine scents for the men in your life. If you’re unsure on which scent to choose, try making a candle gift basket filled with different votive candles or wax melts.

Think About How a Candle Fills a Room

It’s no secret that scent has a huge effect on our memories and emotions. When you’re choosing a candle as a gift, think about how that candle would fill a room. This is called a candle’s scent throw. For instance, if you have a friend who is into meditation, you may want to choose a candle that fills a room with a calming and relaxing scent. This kind of candle would best be suited for an office, bedroom or living room. However, if you know someone who just moved into their new home, they may enjoy a cabernet scented candle in their dining room.

Put Together a Candle Gift Basket

Everyone loves a fantastic gift basket! If you really want to go all out on your candle gift, put together a basket full of candles for every room of the house and matching candle accessories. Choose sultry scents for the bedroom, fresh scents for the bathroom, food scents for the kitchen, and earthy scents for the living room. Add in candle coasters, a wick trimmer, unique matches, and candle jars. You can customize each basket to the season too. Think about pine scents for Christmas gift ideas, or beach scents for a summer birthday.

Get High-Quality Candles for the Perfect Gift

Buying a high-quality candle is a sure way to show someone you care about them. High-quality candles, like those made with 100% soy wax, have better scent throws, last longer, and are easy to clean up if an accident happens. Not to mention, they come in a wide variety of sizes and scents to suit every budget. 

Don’t Forget About Yourself 

While picking out the perfect candle as a gift is fun, finding one that you love is even better. Filling your home with a gorgeous scent that makes you happy is a great form of selfcare. So, don’t hesitate to pick one up for yourself! 

Candles Are Always the Perfect Gift When They Come from Citrus & Cane 

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