Meet the Boys from Digs + Twigs

Meet the Boys from Digs + Twigs

Digs and Twigs Citrus and Cane candles

Digs + Twigs started out as a passion project for us when we bought our new house in Pensacola. After living in 8 different rentals , 1 previously owned house, and 3 different states we decided to settle in downtown Pensacola, Fl. We found our amazing house on Lloyd St in the middle of the pandemic and moved one last time( Hopefully).  It may have been a little crazy, but being stuck in our rental for 2 months made us realize we needed a place that was truly our own. 

While we have lived in so many places, our styles have changed even more times than I care to think about. From “broke college kids” to “mid-century wannabe” and so many other bad choices in between, we started falling in love with neutrals and simplicity. When we got into our new house, we decided we wanted to somehow document the process of us turning a “new build” into a home that was an escape of the chaos outside.

digs & twigs citrus & cane candle collaboration

We floated a ton of different ideas on how to bring it to life  and enter…. Instagram. We played around with different names we could use, but nothing was really making sense. We finally decided to take our two passions, plants and interior design, and make Digs + Twigs. We started small with a couple DIYs, then some styling, and so forth.  But, it’s not all about how to fluff a pillow. We’ve also shared how to build outdoor furniture and how we’ve turned an awkward concrete area into a tropical courtyard. 

Lloyd St. is where we even helped Richard from C&C experiment with fragrance ideas for candles, and figured out how to make the concrete vessels for the candles.  We were so excited when he asked if we would like to do a collaboration with C&C and come up with candles that were inspired by our space. 

It was hard enough to narrow down the fragrances, but figuring out names and labels was a completely different level. (Major kudus to C&C for doing that daily!) For the fragrances, we thought about how some people like clean, some like floral, and some like sweet.  So we choose those three styles to ensure everyone has an option to help create a space that is truly their own. 

digs + twigs candle collab

We hope that Coastal Bungalow, Twilight Orchid, and Warm Welcome will fill your space with the same  joy that we got from creating it with Citrus and Can and thank you for joining our journey! 

              Jesse (Digs) + Destin (Twigs)


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