We're Ditching The Lids

We're Ditching The Lids

Our mission at Citrus and Cane is "to create and deliver handmade essentials for your Home & Body in a sustainable way" and we are pushing ourselves daily to review all aspect of the brand and our products made in the heart of Downtown Mobile. Our newest adventure is rethinking our candle lids, we polled 200 customers and the responses were the same in 80%; "we throw them away" which our current lids are made of aluminum and tin so we did a little digging and found out some facts.

Aluminum is a metal that we naturally find on earth and it makes up 8% of earth’s crust. The issue is that Aluminum is always found as an ore, meaning it is found combined with other compounds. To remove aluminum from the other compounds it must be extracted using an extremely energy intensive process. The energy for this process is usually created by burning fossil fuel. 

So, we decided with all the information and feedback from our lovely customers, clients, family, and friends to go in a more "recyclable" and We're Ditching The Lids to continue on our path to a more sustainable and long-lasting brand. We loved the look of our candles with our black and copper lids but we LOVE the ideas of a sustainable product more. We will be launching two new candle covers over the next 3 months. One will be our initial launch with a recycled 110 lb weighted cardstock dust cover, our official launch will be with a seeded handmade artisan paper with you will be able plant in your used empty candle for a totally sustainable vessel for your new plant! We are so excited about this new adventure and we can't wait for you to take the ride with us! 

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