Are Scrunchies Better for Your Hair Than Elastic Bands?

Are Scrunchies Better for Your Hair Than Elastic Bands?

Are Scrunchies Better for Your Hair Than Elastic Bands? 

Let’s face it, there is nothing like pulling your hair back. Whether you’re hot, stressing out, putting on cosmetics, or just want your hair out of your face, there’s nothing handier than a hair tie. However, you’re definitely noticing hair damage from your elastic hair ties. So, are scrunchies better than elastic hair ties? 

How Did Scrunchies Become Popular? 

When nightclub singer and pianist Rommy Revson became tired of the damage traditional metal and elastic hair ties were causing her hair, she had to come up with something better. Inspired by the waistband of her pajama pants, she invented the scrunchie in 1987. In fact, you can see the prototype on display in the Smithsonian Museum! 

So, Are Elastic Bands Bad for Your Hair? 

Yes! Elastic bands are terrible for your hair. It’s no secret that you tend to place your top knot in the same place every time you put your hair up. You’re causing irreversible damage to your hair when you do this, which leads to breakage. Not to mention, your hair easily wraps around elastic hair ties and gets pulled out. Ouch! 

What Makes Scrunchies Better for Your Hair? 

The idea behind a scrunchie is simple: place a layer of protection between your hair and the elastic. This extra layer of protection for your hair prevents damage, stops your hair from getting pulled out, and just looks a lot cuter than a boring elastic hair tie. 

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are scrunchies better for your hair?

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