Collab Convo with... Skylar Evans

Collab Convo with... Skylar Evans

Citrus & Cane is so proud to announce our very first collaboration with a local graphic designer. We would like to introduce Skylar Evans, a young aspiring graphic designer ready to take on the creative world of digital art. She loves all things 80’s and has a celebrity crush on Cole Sprouse—same girl! We have enjoyed getting to know her and we hope you do too. So be on the lookout for her cute designs created just for Citrus & Cane!


Name: Skylar Evans

Age: 18

Hometown: Mobile

College: University of South Alabama

What inspired you to become a designer?

When I first got my iPad and started out drawing and designing, I just fell in love with digital art. Creativity runs in my family and I have always found it so fun to be creative in new different ways. I have learned so many things since the start of my designing journey. I am so grateful to be where I am today and to keep on learning new things!


Favorite designer/artist? Why?

My favorite designer/artist would have to be brushandbarley. I am so inspired by everything she does. I love her Instagram feed, her Etsy shop, her stickers, and her doodles. She is very successful in the digital art community and even has her own podcast called Painted Pieces which is so good. I strongly recommend her podcast to any artist out there. 


What is your artistic background?

I started Skylar Evans Designs on November 12, 2019, after I found a new love for digital art. I started drawing custom art of people and wanted to make a separate account for that. Custom art brings a whole new look to your best memories which you can print and frame in your house or just keep digitally. This year I have incorporated that into making stickers, designing logos, and more. I have grown so much since the start and have also met some amazing artist friends who are always there to support me! I was featured on People’s magazine online, the Jonas brothers liked my art of them, got to design art for a phone case company, and more!


I made an Etsy shop in December but I really started it up and sold physical products in May. I got to spend a lot of time on my Etsy shop during the quarantine. You can now find in my shop handmade waterproof stickers, digital prints, and even a procreate brush! I hope to add in more products in the upcoming years and grow my Etsy shop even more. I also love doing photography in my free time. I am so thankful for my business and I can’t wait to keep designing and see where it takes me in the upcoming years!


Best advice (artistic or not) you have ever received and why?

 The best advice I have received is to never quit or ignore what you are passionate about. You were given your talents for a reason, so go use them! 


Tell us about the designs you created for Citrus & Cane.

The designs I created for Citrus & Cane are hand-drawn and designed by me. I incorporated the cutest colors and doodled a tye-dye design that is sure to keep you on-trend and looking good. I am so thankful and blessed for this opportunity!    


What has been your favorite/least favorite quarantine pastime?

My favorite quarantine pastime would be drawing on my iPad. My least favorite is probably just being bored and not knowing what to do. 


What’s in your bag 2020 COVID edition?

In my bag 2020 COVID edition, you can find a cute mask and a ton of hand sanitizer. (Check out C&C's custom sanitizers ----> HERE)


What are you currently watching, reading, and listening to?

 I listen to a wide variety of music but a lot of indie-pop, I watch a ton of tik tok (way too much), and I don’t really like to read books. 


Current Celeb Crush?

I have a couple of celebrity crushes. Cole Sprouse, Tyler Cameron, and David Dobrik.


If you could live in any decade, what decade would it be and why? 

If I could pick any decade to live in, it would be the 80’s. I am overly obsessed with the Netflix series Stranger Things. I love the style, games, and definitely the music. 

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