Creating Our Latest Hand Sanitizer Scents

Creating Our Latest Hand Sanitizer Scents

Creating Our Latest Hand Sanitizer Scents

Citrus & Cane Hand Sanitizer

So much went into making our newly released hand sanitizer scents! It was a chance to break out of our houses a bit, throw on our science goggles and whip up something new! Creating scents was a totally new experience for me and the amount of chemistry used was surprising. We entered the laboratory with just a few ideas and left with six really great new scents for our hand sanitizers!

We partnered with a local company here in Mobile, Alabama called Keller Works. Keller Works specializes in making soaps and other products using natural ingredients and essential oils. Krystn Keller, the owner, and mastermind behind Keller Works greeted us as we walked into her workshop and we went straight to work. We used her knowledge of mixing essential oils and her talent for making great products to develop the awesome hand sanitizers that we sell today. It is amazing when you get to collaborate with another local entrepreneur to help make our community safe while smelling great, too!

New Scented Hand Sanitizer - 100% Natural

With only a few scents in mind and a list of thirty different essential oils to work with we began our collaboration. THIRTY?! I had no idea there were that many scents to work with! I felt as though I was at a wine tasting, but instead of drinking, you’re sniffing! Each essential oil produces a unique scent and when combining it with others some of the aromas enhance. It was quite fascinating seeing how well some of the scents complement each other. We spent a few hours mixing different oils together using our nifty little test tubes until we decided on six that we just fell in love with. We then went to work naming the new hand sanitizers. Here is what we developed:

Peaceful Existence: A mix of Patchouli and Lime essential oils. The earthy aroma of the Patchouli is complimented by the sweetness of the Lime.

Lavender Frost: This is a Lavender and Vanilla mix that has the aroma of sweet frosting on a cake with the calming scent of lavender.

Sweet Caroline: A Honey and Lavender combination that will delight your senses with its sweet honeysuckle aroma mixed with soothing lavender.

Pucker Up, Rosie: This clean and refreshing scent comes from mixing Lemon essential oils with Rosemary essential oils.

Firefly Fields: This is a mix of Lemongrass and Lavender that gives off a tranquil earthy aroma. Fireflies can be spotted fluttering around in lemongrass fields, hence the name!

Coastal Wildflower: Geranium and Honeysuckle essential oils give off this floral scent that will make you reminisce summers past growing up on the Gulf Coast.

Now that the mixing of oils and the names were created, it was off to production! The team at Keller Works tactfully created our little science experiment into an amazing hand sanitizer you can purchase today! Our hand sanitizers are formulated from recommended WHO Guidelines for anti-viral protection with natural and safe ingredients and are packaged in an eco-friendly amber bottle that you can reuse and recycle. I am going to use mine as a cute little bud vase! We had the best time creating these scents for you and we hope you enjoy it! Stay safe and sanitized my friends!

Citrus & Cane Keller Works Collaboration

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