Repurposing Your Hand Sanitizer Bottle

Repurposing Your Hand Sanitizer Bottle

A year ago, I don’t believe any of us would have guessed that having something as simple as hand sanitizer could make all the difference in our daily lives. We are in the midst of such an uncertain time which I know has caused a lot of distress for everyone. Being able to provide you with what would normally seem like such an insignificant product, makes this whole experience that much better. Our hope was to not only make this a functional product but one that was fun as well.

Our awesome co-founder, Richard, was able to work with a company located here in Mobile to customize a scent that would add a little zest of citrus to your day. Our beautiful sanitizer labels were also made by a locally owned company and packaged in amber glass spray bottles. 

All Natural Hand Sanitizer

As we grow our women's accessories company, we are making it a priority to find ways to be sustainable and consciously aware of how we are impacting those around us. Since our sanitizer bottles are glass, we wanted to find ways in which they could be repurposed. Some of them may seem pretty obvious, while others may not, either way, we hope you find these suggestions useful! Maybe it will even inspire some ideas of your own.

  1. Of the most simple solutions, the bottles could be refilled with water. Seems a bit boring and not so useful, but we do use water for almost everything if you think about it. It could be used for spraying clothes while ironing, watering our plants, whether at our home or office, and to keep us cool on these steamy summer days.
  2. It can also be reused for stain remover solutions. Everyone has their own method I am sure, however, I have found that using 1 part dawn soap and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide can help eliminate almost any stain (courtesy of my mom)!
  3. While on the subject of hydrogen peroxide, your bottle could be filled with solely peroxide or rubbing alcohol and added to a portable first aid kit. It’s always good to keep one in your car, especially on road trips!
  4. I also thought it would be a great bottle to use if you like to make your own hair products. Being on the coast, we are constantly in the water. It’s either the pool or the beach and it can cause dry hair. Making an all-natural leave-in conditioner at home can be a welcomed relief on those days.
  5. As for the men out there, I didn’t want to leave you out. The bottles could be put to good use for those car buffs and handymen of the world. It could be refilled with Windex to keep in the dash when that one bird has left a present for you on your windshield.
  6. Lastly, filling it with WD-40 could be a convenient addition to that tool belt when helping out your friends and neighbors. 

There are definitely one hundred other ways to utilize this glass bottle that will fit individual needs. This list is far from exhaustive, but it is a start to making small changes that create a big impact. Every small act of kindness creates a ripple effect, so let's make some waves!

You are so appreciated here at Citrus & Cane and please drop us a comment below if you have a suggestion on repurposing your bottle!

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