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What is a Chakra Bracelet?

What is a Chakra Bracelet?

Welcome to the Citrus & Cane Blog where we chat about all things related to fashion, lifestyle topics, recipes, and even health & wellness. Today's blog features the exciting features of a Chakra Bracelet. The Chakras are simply a road map on how our energy flows within us. It shows us how each part of our body functions its best when there is a balance. This isn’t the answer to healing the sharp pain in your back or the headache that just won’t go away. But it may be the starting point for you to find some relief and understanding of what you need at this moment to feel your best. 

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There have been times in my life, as I am sure most of us can relate to, where I needed to find a deeper connection within myself. Maybe we are caring for a sick parent or child or completely immersed in a project at work. Maybe we experienced an injury that left us physically immobile, but most likely we just become so busy with our daily lives that we end up on autopilot. In all circumstances, we aren’t exactly taking the time to check in with what is going on inside. Even the things that would seem small to us, such as skipping lunch, can throw off the internal balance that keeps us grounded and healthy. 

I should preface this with, I am in no shape or form a Doctor of Medicine. I am simply someone who has ignored my basic needs and felt the consequences of doing so. I was tired of life always feeling so heavy. The best way I knew how to change that, was to open myself to a new way of thinking. 

After graduating from college, I felt like there was this huge part of my life missing. For five years, I dedicated myself to school. I worked full time as well, so I really did not have much time or energy to focus on anything else. Once I landed a job in my field and settled down into a normal “adult” schedule, I found it difficult to adjust. I started feeling ill most days and really was not motivated to move forward to this next chapter in my life. On top of that, I had all this free time that I had no idea how to use. So, I filled it with being angry. Angry about things that did not even make sense to be angry over. However, being angry gets old and boring, to be honest. I couldn’t hold onto it any longer. All those years I was so consumed with school, I hadn’t learned how to care for myself or what tools I needed to do so. In response, I dived into spirituality as a way to cope.

I always believed in something bigger than myself but wasn’t exactly sure what that looked like for me, but if schooling taught me anything it was how to research. Which I did, for months. One day I came across the 7 Chakras and it felt like I could breathe a little easier. Each of the 7 main chakras correspond with different parts of the body. There is the Crown Chakra (purple), Third-Eye Chakra (indigo), Throat Chakra (blue), Heart Chakra (green), Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow), Sacral Chakra (orange), and the Root Chakra (red). As I’ve listed, each chakra carries a different color and a different meaning. When you experience pain in a certain part of the body, it’s possible that there is a correlation between that particular pain and what you are experiencing emotionally. 

For example, I mentioned I was feeling ill quite often. I would have bouts of nausea and started having anxiety attacks regularly. When reading about each of the chakras, I came across the Solar Plexus Chakra. In relation to the body, this is our nervous system. It keeps our organs running at their optimum and helps the body prepare and respond to stress. In relation to the mind and your emotional state, it references feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth. Which is exactly what I was feeling. I had to ask myself why and it is usually a combination of things. Things that I hadn’t even considered that continued to build over the years. I was constantly in fight or flight mode and it was affecting every part of my body.

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