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      What is Bien Véte Co? Meet the Local Mobile, AL Brand

      Bien Véte is a newly established brand that started in April of 2021. Our vision is to capture the history of Mobile, Al while presenting cultural flair in designs in a new, sleek, and modern style. We use original, hand-drawn artwork from local artists as a baseline and then add heritage and new accenting to bring out the best that the city has to offer.

      The creators of the Bien Véte Company are Mobile residents and bring a historically Mobile influence with a personal flair to the city of Mobile. We are providing designs that represent the city, as well as the individuals living there.

      Ethan Parkes, the founder, and co-owner was born and raised in Mobile, AL. He graduated from W.P. Davidson High School in 2016. He is currently a student at South Alabama. Go Jags! Ethan has long been inspired by Mobile’s unique architecture, from the urban speed of the downtown area to the southern charm of the midtown scene. 

      “One day, I realized that with a little effort, we could make a brand that gave Mobile’s beautiful past to the people who live with it every day. My goal is to make a clothing line that people of all ages and ethnicities can use to help them claim a part of the city’s soul to express themselves. The city means a lot to me and everyone who has grown up beneath the iron and oak trees. We, the city and her people, deserve designs that tie our histories together.”

      Amber Jones, the co-owner and lead designer, settled into Mobile when she chose to go to school at the University of Mobile. As an internationally published photographer, Amber brings a keen sense of style and execution to the looks we promote. Amber is fascinated with the architectural designs located in Mobile and loved that even in the city’s heart, there seemed to be a reverence for nature's beauty. She appreciates the five flags that founded the city, and the multitude of cultures that swirl in the city’s soul today. 

      “I love the many cultural backgrounds and diversity that is Mobile, Al. When designing apparel, I want to be able to speak to the many voices in the city and truly represent Mobile as a whole.  I truly love this city and think it has many hidden gems that deserve to be showcased. I love the challenge of sharing the city through our designs.”