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Egypt Lotion

This Egypt scent smells amazing.. great customer service. They are so friendly. I get compliments all the time when I wear the lotion. They ask what do you have on you smell sooo good?

Just bought the Bienville, and it is AMAZING!! This product is a must have next to your night stand.

So amazing!

These candles are amazing! Seriously add this to cart for a little treat for yourself for later, you won’t regret it!


This smells so heavenly...such a nice refresher from the horrible smelling hand sanitizers we've been using for the past year. I love the ease of being able to just spray my hands or my mask when I get into my car. Plus it comes in a reusable glass bottle! We love sustainability 🌿

Love it!

My new favorite! Light, fresh and summery. Just like Cup of Joe, the scent stays around after its blown out.

Only the best ingredients & fragrance

I love their new sugar scrubs and was buying from ulta but will be switching to C&C. They never disappoint!!!!

The Betch is the perfect mood booster

This candle is the wonderful && it is a TOP 3 of C&C

Fire and Water Mask
The Coolest Mask!

This mask has gotten me so many compliments. Sara Boone is an amazing designer and I was so happy to model this mask for her in the product photos. I wish it was in stock so I could buy more! 10/10, would buy again!

I LOVE this soap!

This soap is the perfect soap for the summer time, particularly because it reminds me of the beach! Definitely has notes of fresh linen and ocean breezes. I'll certainly be buying this one again!

Absolutely LOVE this soap!

I love this scent because it is so unique! It has a nice spiced strawberry scent. Will definitely buy this one again!


I absolutely love this soap! It smells lovely and has a nice orange citrus scent. I will definitely buy this soap again. It's my new favorite!

strawberries and cream!

man i feel like i could eat this right out of the jar lol it smells insanely good like candy

maaaaaaaaaaaan this one is for the books!!!! its smells so pretty and fruity and floraly. when i first used it i shaved my whole body, scrubbed myself with this, and then laid in bed feeling like a slick dolphin. what a dream

light and pretty

This candle is amazingggg! It's definitely a lighter smell perfect for a small entryway or even a small bathroom. I don't think it's ideal for a big open space. This has a very pretty watery scent with a hint of lavender maybe? It's the perfect light scent and keeps me from getting a headache as some other candles do. This is for sure a must-have for a small space. My mom came over and loved it when it was burning in the guest bath!

My grandma loves coffee so I got this for her for her birthday and it’s a hit!! Smells just like fresh brewed coffee!

My favorite candle i’ve ordered from them so far! I love it!!!

Citrus dream

Holy citrus this smells amazing

My husband has never smelled so sexy lol

Okay all I can do is say thank you! My husband is way obsessed with this scent and he smells so sexy all the time now. I taught him how to use sugar scrub and exfoliate his body and he looks, smells, and feels like a KING lol

Sexy man

My husband loves all of the Egypt products I’ve gotten so I had to get the scrub! He loves it. He had no idea how to use it lol but he has seen the light and is sugar scrubbing every few days now haha!


I cannot say enough good things about these sugar scrubs! My skin feels so good and I swear to gosh I smell like mangos all day long. This stuff is amazing

Best Yet!

I have wasted so much money searching for a great body scrub! This is IT!! I love it for the masculine scent that stays with me all day! I love how it doesn't leave my skin oily, I actually feel soft! Would love just the oil as well! Good job!

Amazing sugar scrub!

I’m never disappointed in anything I get from C&C, but I fell in love with this sugar scrub! It’s not too oily and exfoliates really well! Signature is my new favorite scent 😍

mmmm yesss 😌

I am obsessed! This scent will wow you with its warm, sweet, and sexy aroma. They nailed it with this one. You will absolutely love it and want a candle for every room😊

5 stars

It’s smells so good. I could burn this candle all day but I’m trying to save it!

Lovely scent!

I just love this candle. I purchased the handsome originally and liked it so much I decided to come back and buy the candle.