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Pumpkin Buttercream Candle
judy Van Nostrand (Oakhurst, US)
The perfect scent for Fall

Love the sweet pumpkiny smell of this candle
The scent stays with you all day

Scent of the Month Subscription
CoCo M (New Orleans, US)
Summer to fall

The August scent was just divine! It has the best combination of scents to transition us from summer to fall

Pumpkin Buttercream Candle
Ali (Mobile, US)
Fall Babes Rejoice!

This is the PERFECT fall candle!! I'm summoning all the cool weather and fall vibes every time I light this candle. Yes I still turn my AC down to mimic the fall weather I want, but one must do what is necessary. I'm going to need several more so I can stretch this delicious scent through fall and winter.

Soirée Candle
Lori Abe (Honolulu, US)
Very nice scent

Enjoying this candle very much!

Alchemist Diffuser Oil
Susan Lewis (Mobile, US)
Alchemist Diffuser Oil

I love this oil! It’s light, warm, interesting and soothing.

Bienville Candle
Cossondra (Monroeville, US)
Love this company!

I bought the Bienville candle for myself a while back. I love the fresh scent and the concrete holder! When I needed a gift for out of state, I was able to ship this candle and lotion from the website. It was hit! She has texted me more than once to tell me how much she loves it! Excellent product, excellent company!

Bienville Body Lotion
Victoria Nguyen (Mobile, US)

My mother in law brought me this as a gift and oh my gosh it is THE best!! I hope they restock soon!!

Alchemist Wax Melt Bars
Gabrielle Denman (Franklin, US)
Beautiful scent

One of my favs to have going all day!

Signature Wax Melt Bars
Pixie Mcknight (Seattle, US)
Love the smells and great service

We received our order of wax melts and loved the smell of each and all of them! l am also impressed with the fast shipping and service...Thank you so much for a wonderful "American made product" that excels.

Electric Wax Warmer
Gabrielle Denman (Bowling Green, US)
Cheaper on amazon

It’s a pretty warmer. Unfortunately, I accidentally knocked mine off a table day one and it broke into several pieces. Found the exact same one on Amazon for almost half the price.


I absolutely LOVE getting my SOTM every month. It's just my little treat to myself. This month is Arielle and she's a fresh, bright scent that is perfect for the coming summer days. The entire mermaid collection is high on my list of all-time favorites!

Scent of the Month Subscription
Wonderful Scent!

The accent of the month club is great! I love getting my subscription box and the genuine excitement of seeing what the scent of the month is! The Arielle scent for this month is amazing! THANK YOU!

Signature Body Lotion
David Martinez (Mobile, US)
Best cream

I brought it to work and everybody loved it

Retrograde Candle
Dennis Swinea (Mobile, US)
Perfect Candle

One of the best scents created by Citrus and Cane. Plus a beautiful design. I would highly recommend this candle for anyone who wants to create a relaxing environment.

Egypt Body Lotion
M. Green (Mobile, US)
Lotions lotions lotions! This is it!♥️

Soft, smooth, creamy, silky, all together! So delicious smell too!

Peach Lady Candle
M. Green (Mobile, US)
Best candles!

From candles to melting wax, everything smells so delicious!

Pink Queen Candle
Julie Andel (Mobile, US)
LOVE the Pink Queen!

I just love the Pink Queen Candle. The scent is perfect and I light it almost daily in the morning while I read and drink my iced coffee. I love the gardenia notes and I love the name too! Definitely needs to be on the list as a keeper for Citrus and Cane!

Chocolate Moon Pie Candle
Jennifer Buchanan (West Richland, US)

I ordered the Chocolate Moon Pie and the Banana Moon Pie candles....they smell delicious! And I love the colors on the container. Very Mardi Gras!!!

Scent of the Month

I love my scent of the month subscription! Every month I love the surprise of which scent it will be. It always includes fun packaging and a personal note, which is the cherry on top!

Scent of the Month Subscription
Sereta S (Clermont, US)
Obsessed is an understatement

I’ve known of Meg through her sister Lauren for years and followed her success. When they launched the King Cake candle, I instantly said I needed it. That scent turned out to be the SOTM and I knew once I got the box in and loved the smell of the candle, that I’d keep treating myself to the subscription. When I received the box I was beyond delighted to find it filled with more than just a candle. It contained a part of home, Mobile. Beads, babies, confetti, and a moon pie sat inside with a gorgeous decorated candle and a cute little match box along with a hand written thank you. Their attention to detail fulfills my detail loving heart. The quality of the product itself keeps me coming back. The scent for March was a lovely surprise and smells soo good! I just ordered 3 more candles to try. Forever a customer.

Tropical Escape Red Ribbon Candle
Cassie Wallace (Mobile, US)
Great Scent and Cause!

I am obsessed with the smell of these candles and knowing it supports a good cause definitely reduces my guilt on how many I go through so quickly!

Northern Lights Candle
Lindsay Masters (Olathe, US)
Beautiful and smells amazing

I am so impressed with the look and smell of these candles. Absolutely beautiful container and the scent is so fresh. Have recommended to all my friends and bought some for gifts!

Spa Day Candle
Anna (Venice, US)
Wonderfully relaxing!

I love all of your candle scents I have tried so far. While Alchemist is my most favorite, I also really enjoy Spa Day, Coastal Bungalow and Twilight Orchid! The containers the candles come in are really nice and fit in with almost any decor. I will be purchasing again!

Loving my subscription

February scent is absolutely fabulous. I love getting the cute package in the mail. Can’t wait for next month!

Peach Bellini Candle
s lee (Harvey, US)
Peachy dreams come true

Three of these candles fragrance my entire room without even lighting them. My bedroom is a peachy oasis thanks to Citrus and Cane. I love being a part of their philanthropy and totally support their cause. Thanks, y'all!!!