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Mystery Candle
Maria G (Atoka, US)

All four was amazing thank you

Mystery Candle
Samantha Carr (Dorchester, US)

I bought a candle due to seeing citrus cane all over tiktok, they smell amazing and I love the concrete jar they use!

Mystery Candle
Kristina Marie (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Scent that last

The good and bad! I got my order super fast that's a plus! The smells were so strong without even burning them that made me happy! I know l got mystery candles and maybe somewhere I missed they weren’t coming with lids😭. Thats the only bad lol no lid first world problems I know. I just didn’t realize and wanted to use the container for things in my classroom after but no biggie Im going to use them as planters. The scent when lit is amazing and last very long! I’ll be buying more candles for sure! These are well worth it! Thanks for such a great product!

Mystery Candle
Ashley Jempson-Ramsay
9 candles later...

How could you not order mystery candles? You already know whatever scent you get it going to be great so take the leap and get a surprise scent!

Bourbon Apple Candle
Lisa K (Hellertown, US)
Amazing Smell

I stumbled onto these when they were on sale and all I can say is that I went back to get more! Beautiful jar too.

The Betch Candle
Taylor T. (Bay City, US)
Best candles ever!

This candle smells SO amazing! I am in love with these candles, and this one is going to be perfect for giving to my bff and bride to be during her bachelorette party. 10/10 stars!

Winter Wreath Candle
Kathee McGuire (Theodore, US)
Winter Wreath

Burning this candle smells just like a live Christmas tree!! It’s amazing.

Awesome Gift! Great Quality!

I bought several of the candle coasters for gifts and for myself. I love these!! Great quality!!

Del Mar Body Lotion
Robin Tageant (Daphne, US)
Smells fantastic!

The lotion smells amazing! Highly recommend!

Twisted Mojito Body Lotion
Penny D (Mobile, US)
Rescue for my hands

I have to wash my hands constantly at work and this lotion has kept me them from becoming dry and cracked. Not to mention it smells amazing

Bienville Body Lotion
Rose Flowers (Theodore, US)
Gift Shop Buy

I bought this at the gift shop at the Museum of History in Mobile AL and I wasn't expecting it to be my favorite lotion but it really is! I highly recommend it. It's got a lovely fragrance and makes my hands really soft which is saying something as I work with a lot of really drying cleaning things and dish soaps. I am very pleased with this lotion and will be ordering more when I run out.

Northern Pines Candle

Love these candles! They are beautiful and smell AMAZING!

Winter Wreath Candle
Penny D (Mobile, US)
Smells like Christmas

It's Christmas in a jar! And the vessel is gorgeous.

Toasty Nuts Candle
viki powell
Great product

These candles are amazing. They smell soooo good. The owners was more than accommodating with my request to remove the mustaches as I was giving these as gifts to predominantly ladies.

Northern Pines Candle
Mary A (Mobile, US)
Such a beautiful scent!

I’m not a huge fan of the traditional holiday candle scents, however, this candle transports me instantly to the dark Canadian wilderness. Trees, pine cones and even a hint of snow come alive in a true treat for your senses! It is definitely one that I’ll be burning all winter long!

Cream Fringe Candle Coaster
Angie Johns (Foley, US)
Great gift idea for someone or for yourself!!

I love these coasters! What a great way to add a little something to your candle, while protecting surfaces at the same time. You can give them as gifts, and be sure to keep one for yourself too!!

Cup of Joe Candle
S.S. (Theodore, US)

Uptight? Light the candle, inhale, relax. Deep siiiigh….. All is well

Northern Pines Candle
Nicole Love (Fairhope, US)
Go get some!

I purchased 4 candles at Jubilee and I love them all! I’m using the pine scented ones now because of Christmas around the corner! Would definitely buy again and for friends!

Toasty Nuts Candle
Jamey Ward (Daphne, US)
MOst Excellent!!!

This is probably one of my favorite candles made by Citrus & Cane. Not only is a smell amazing but it fills up the entire house and burns for a very long time. Also, as an added bonus part of the proceeds from this candle goes to the Movember foundation.

Del Mar Wax Melt Bars
Kate Bartley (Clemson, US)
love it!

I have this scent as a candle and I am obsessed with it, so much that I bought the wax bar for my mom because I knew she would like it. It is safe to say that she is now obsessed with it!

Bienville Candle
Kylie Colvin (Indianapolis, US)
Natural and fresh!

My boyfriend and I are sensitive to smells but we love this and how chic it is in our kitchen. It was supposed to be a gift but I ended up keeping it for us haha!

Midnight Cabernet Candle
Kate Bartley (Clemson, US)

I had high hopes for this candle and it did not disappoint. I think it is a very strong and masculine scent

Spa Day Candle
Kate Bartley (Clemson, US)

11/10 this is such a great scent. My new go to candle!

Wonderland Candle
Bre McCauley

This is one of the best smelling candles i have ever bought! I got the wonderland candle and it smelled AMAZING!!!! The company is amazing and cares about their clients! I will 100% recommend these candles to friends and family, and I will definitely buy from this company again

Signature Candle
Sarah (Spring, US)
Great candle!

It has a great scent that fills any room. Great citrus scent, that smells very clean and bright!