Sweet Summertime Citrus Salad Recipe

Sweet Summertime Citrus Salad Recipe

Growing up in the deep south, the heat is a familiar friend of ours. As much as we embrace the beach weather, it can deplete your energy. So being able to whip up a quick light salad is a great way to keep us moving throughout the day! It is probably obvious that our online women’s accessory shop loves all things citrus, so to kick off our launch we wanted to share with you guys a lovely citrus salad. Composed of easy, nutrient-dense ingredients, we hope you will enjoy this recipe with your friends and family!

On a quick side note, adjustments could always be made in terms of dietary needs and wants. I know many of us are becoming consciously aware of our food choices and our impact on the environment and our furry friends. If you have suggestions that could improve the recipe, drop them below! We are always down to learn and evolve. 

As I started to whip up this recipe, I wanted to keep in mind the price of the ingredients. I personally love local fruit stands. Unfortunately, not everyone will have access to one, but if you do, I would definitely check them out. Not only do they usually have lower prices, but it also makes for a good day to know you are contributing to your neighbor’s business. From my experience, they also tend to carry local jams, jellies, and all the pickled veggies you could want so if you do have a local fruit stand, grab your favorite printed face mask and head out to shop! These would all make a great addition to any salad or just thrown together with some crackers, almonds, and olives to share with friends.  

Healthy Salad Recipe Ideas

Citrus Salad Ingredients:

The prices I have listed will vary depending on where you shop and how many servings you wish to have.

  • Spinach- 10 oz bag- $2.00 (on average)
  • Arugula- 5 oz- $3.00-$3.50 (on average)
  • Avocado- 2 semi ripe- $ .78cents each (I typically use Hass brand)
  • Feta - with or without- crumbles- $3.96 6oz tub
  • Oranges- 2-3 depending on size- $ .68 cents each
  • Blueberries- 1 pint- $3.00 (on average)
  • Sunflower seeds- roasted and salted- 16 oz bag- $2.44
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper

First things first, make sure you start off by washing your hands and maybe even using some custom scented hand sanitizer from Citrus & Cane as added protection. I love this Tangerine Tango Citrus & Cane hand sanitizer! I keep it in my purse to use all day.

Now back to the recipe, I always like to use a combination of greens in my salads. It gives it a more well-rounded taste and bulk. For this recipe, I chose to use both spinach and arugula. They compliment each other quite well and always give me the light summertime feel. You could always just use one or the other. I would use about half of the bag of spinach and all of the arugula (if a 5 oz bag).

Oranges are one of my favorite fruits in the summer! They are great on the go snacks and packed with vitamin c. Slice the oranges lengthwise with the skin on so it is easier to cut. You can then remove the skin from each slice and place it over the greens.

Avocados are one of my main food groups. They are so versatile. For this recipe, I would be sure to pick ones that are semi-ripe. Easy enough to cut, but not so soft they are becoming mush. You want them to hold their shape.

 Citrus Salad Recipe 

The blueberries, feta, and sunflower seeds can then be added at your discretion. Sunflower seeds are great as they give it a bit of crunch and break up the textures. Also, if you do not eat dairy, I know that grocers like whole foods carry non-dairy cheeses. I tend to switch up from time to time myself.

Lastly, toss with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.  This is a super easy recipe that can be downsized for a solo main dish or a shareable side for many! I hope you enjoy it!

Light Summer Salad Recipe

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