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      Have you struggled to find stylish ways to cover your face and stay compliant when social distancing proves to be difficult at times? What are your options when you know you have to go out in public, but you're concerned about COVID-19? The best way to keep you, your family, and those around you safe is to wear a 100% cotton face mask. Want to hear the good news? Citrus & Cane just launched gorgeous cotton mask designs that are perfect to keep you stylish, safe, and relaxed throughout this worldwide pandemic.

      Our collection of custom printed fashion face masks are the perfect way to show off your fun personality and still look stylish throughout COVID-19. Keep yourself and those around you safe with our 100% cotton face masks. Our fashionable non-medical face masks are extremely easy to breathe through and can be worn for hours at a time without any discomfort. Tried and tested on 100s of samples worn over 1000s of hours, we're extremely confident in the shape and fit of our one of a kind custom printed fashion face masks.

      All of our masks are handmade with love in the beautiful Mobile, AL by three passionate young entrepreneurs whose goal is to give back to our community while keeping our customers stylish and safe. These unique and stylish face covers for the coronavirus pandemic are the best way to stay safe during COVID-19.

      Check out our full collection of cotton face masks and find the print that speaks to you. We know you're going to love our gorgeous selection of handmade, fashionable, and comfortable face masks. Rest assured knowing you're doing everything you possibly can to protect yourself and stop the spread of the coronavirus sickness. Don't forget to stop by our Facebook and Instagram to say hey! @citruscaneshop