Del Mar Diffuser Oil
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Del Mar Diffuser Oil

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Del Mar Diffuser Oil

Immerse yourself in the relaxing and invigorating atmosphere of Del Mar beach with our sea salt, plum, and amber diffuser oil. The sweet yet salty essential oils create a well-balanced and gender-neutral fragrance that will transport you to a sandy beach oasis.

Del Mar is known for its beautiful and enjoyable two-plus miles of sandy beach, making it the perfect inspiration for this fragrance. Fill your space with the airy, balanced notes of Del Mar to create a relaxing and calming ambiance.

Our diffuser oil is perfect for any room in your home, from your living room to your bathroom. The high-quality essential oils will provide a long-lasting and refreshing scent that will keep you relaxed and energized.

Trust us, there is no other product like Del Mar on the market. Its unique blend of sea salt, plum, and amber is unmatched in its ability to create a relaxing atmosphere. Transform your home into a sandy beach oasis with our Del Mar diffuser oil today!

Includes: One 2 fl. oz bottle with dropper cap

Scent Notes:  Sea Salt, Plum, Amber

Instructions: Add as many drops of oil as desired to oil stones, diffusers, & more.

Warning: Avoid contact with skin. In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Do not ingest. Do not ignite.